REPLICA SCAM LIST (must read!)

Hey guys feel free to comment below about any sites that have ripped you off while shopping for a replica of any kind whether it be a handbag, shoes, or even a watch. If you feel you should warn others about any site the comments are a free for all! You can also email me any review you have at with pictures and details and I will post it up on the blog for all to read!

If a website gets enough negative reviews I will add it to the scam list. If you are a website owner you can also feel free to converse with the unhappy buyers. I hope this opens up a great dialogue between shoppers and sellers, and allows us to help warn shoppers to stay away from certain sites and sellers that have proven to be nothing but trouble!


NAMES/EMAILS: or or someone named Winnie.

I have received MANY negative reviews about sites called “ebag” “ebbaag” or any similar sounding name. They are a scam. They do not send anything because they don’t have anything to sell. The products pictured on their sites are stolen photos. Many have alleged they steal your identity and run a phishing scam. Save your money and yourself a headache and do not shop here. The negativity about this group of scammers is overwhelming and enough to warrant a big warning!

206 thoughts on “REPLICA SCAM LIST (must read!)

  1. Lady Di says:

    Hello everyone,
    Has anyone had problems sending a payment to Designer Discreet? Also, how have you sent your payment? I’ve tried Western Union and Xoom and both were canceled because of fraudulent suspicion. But I’ve read all positive experience with Designer Discreet.

    • Jamie says:

      They told me they don’t use XOOM anymore, and I went in to pay with WU after my online transaction was cancelled and it went through fine. They even state that they don’t recommend you pay online as it will be most likely cancelled. Anyways happy my payment is over with and I am looking forward to getting my bag!

    • ally says:

      they wont even email me back with my payment information, i asked them how protected am i from being scammed? do you offer returns etc… and they keep emailing me how i shouldnt order from them if i do not trust them? so everytime i try to ask for the billing info they just say the same thing to me… its sooooo weird to me? like they should be making me feel better and secure and now im just confused?

      • Nikita says:

        Why don’t you just read the FAQ? all the information is there – my order with them was fine with the communication and all and I am going to receive my bag in the next few days (still in China on EMS) .. will let you know how it is once it gets here.

      • Jamie says:

        Ya they get A LOT of emails so I think they don’t answer people they think aren’t serious about buying. I’ve had no problem with them.

    • PeanutButter says:

      In regards to using western union you are always best to go into an outlet rather than do it online as doing it online is often rejected.

  2. Ale says:

    Gus Does anybody Knows what happened to it’s still on Browser it will open but nobody replies my mails, It have been 2 months already, Thanks to all you dolls!

  3. Naomi says:

    I’m literally in the same place, I got a response from fallin 2 fashion today I’ve been waiting for a response from dd for almost a month.

  4. Sherry says:

    Can someone tell me where to get the closest counter quality celine handbag. I recall seeing somewhere that I could possibly get a mini luggage for between 300-400. Interested especially in tri color.

  5. HHB says:

    Has anyone heard of kelly May? Please don’t fall victim and don’t buy from her site. she displays images of Designer shoes promises to deliver the same,’takes bank transfer payment and cons you. When you email her with your concerns or complaint she never answers . her email address is and the website is

  6. Barin says:

    I’ve purchased replica bags from Purse Valley. The bag was the worst quality of a replica that I’d ever seen and when I’d called to return it, I was given the run around big time.
    Can any of you recommend a great replica site other than Purse Valley?

  7. hazel addison says:

    I just recieved a purse ysl , and a Ralph Lauren top , the purse is supposed to be Python leather and the top a size 12/14 , the purse is plastic , with a strong smell of plastic , and th top is a tiny size 4/6 , or child’s , I asked about the size as well and they told me it would be size 12/14 , I’ve emailed and had nothing back , plus I had to pay a fee for import when it got here after paying about £45 for postage , this should have been import charge as it wouldn’t cost £45 to post from hi Kong to England , this was , really disappoint as the purse princess raved about them ! She obviously gets free bags from her , really upset and unhappy as I paid straight to them with bank transfer , I should have known better , DONT BUY FROM THEM .

    • PeanutButter says:

      The blogger ‘purse princess’ is a scammer…Eva Knox or is affiliated with her. has been mentioned as a site to stay away from, sorry to hear you fell victim to them and hopefully others will read your comment and will avoid.
      Try designer discreet for your future purchases, yes they are more expensive but the quality is worth it.

    • zzzzzzzz says:

      i was supposed to buy from but i didnt like the photos in their website however i did purchase one from recommended seller by purse princess so far i am happy with the quality of my celine nano. my only issue is that they wont accept a return due to the change of mind. i want to exchange it for a bigger size

    • John says:

      Actually Purse Princess used to be own by a nice girl doing real, thorough reviews of replica bags & especially good web sellers (and warns about bad sellers) a few years ago. It was a really great blog/site. Then she got arrested by US authorities for trying to resell some of her own replica bags she didn’t want anymore… So Fallng2fashionbags bought the site from her. And ever since they only posted reviews for their own web stores! Don’t be fooled by that site. So it’s completely fake site, for a while now, to promote their replica sellers. It’s really hard to find a good & decent (as in some level of integrity) web seller these days. Good luck!

  8. Jessica Andrews says:

    PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM H2000H2000.COM – I have purchased from them before and all has been fine. However, I purchased another Hermes Kelly and this time the bag arrived 4 weeks late. And when I opened the box, it was COMPLETELY DAMAGED. It was EXTREMELY POORLY PACKAGED meaning that it arrived crushed. I have tried to contact them via wechat and email and HAVE HAD NO RESPONSE AT ALL. It state on that I can return the bag for a refund OR exchange. But they are not responding. It has been almost 1 week now. THEY ARE A SCAM. THEY WILL RETURN AN EMAIL WHEN THEY WANT YOUR MONEY BUT WHEN THERE IS A PROBLEM THEY WILL NOT CARE. £700 I PAID. AND THEY HAVE SCAMMED ME. DO NOT BUY FROM H2000

    • Ale says:

      Jessica, Thank you so much for your warning , I almost buy from them, where did you get that website? If you got it from ”The purse princess” read the comment above….’SHE IS A SCAMMER” I got it from there….. and thanks God I did not complete the transaction. You can get the best H…S brand name from DD , they carry a good ”mirror like counter quality” stock and they are legit. I have purchased from them. Sorry for your inconvenience, E mail the the owner of this blog: ”The purse queen” with real proof of all your invoice and mails. and she will posted here for you, everything about your scam. Thank you again!

  9. Ser says:

    WARNING or or DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE UNDER NAMES LIKE or, these people has 3 fakes websites to get all your data and personal info, all the pictures displayed are products that they do not have, you will place your order and get scammed by them, in the other hand they do phishing and ID theft, I got warned by my mc cafee antivirus protection. They have bad reviews all over internet and they keep changing domains and names. I hope that this comment do not get deleted by the owner of this blog. Thanks

  10. JOANN says:


    • marissa says:

      I’ve ordered from Purse Valley many times ad so far I’ve been happy with the quality of their merchandise.we shouldn’t really expect 100% quality like the originals.hello?we are only paying peanuts compared to buying the real ones.

    • Kat says:

      Yes! I have just purchased a bag from them. Do not waste your time or money. They are total scammers. They took my money and then said the bag I wanted was our of stock and could not refund me due to ‘China’s strict anti money laundering laws’. I have never felt so foolish, I hope I can prevent someone else from being scammed…..

  11. Dana Kaplan says:

    Thank you so much. How can you tell when they say 1:1 that it really is. I went on to dedesign which I like and they had Hermes bags for $1500 and it looked amazing but they had limited manufactures but their stuff looked beautiful

    • Maxine says:

      I’ve just made a purchase from them in my nievety but haven’t received e-mail confirmation after a week, nor have they taken any money from my credit card.
      Suspicions are only just being raised 🤔

  12. LWH says:

    In regards to BagsLoveMe and various sites run by TonyHe – I just ordered recently due to reading positive reviews on there. I would NOT recommend it. I ordered a brown Prada bag – paid for it. It was out of stock. He asked me to pick something else – I wasn’t happy – I wanted THAT bag – but I did – that was out of stock. Thus began a very frustrating two weeks where I asked him about close to 30 different replica Prada and MiuMiu bags (mostly brown which is what I really wanted) – nope! None were on stock. He only seems to have black bags from those two in stock even though he shows many brown bags online. Finally I gave up. I have a daughter whose friends are very into MK so I decided to order her a couple of MK bags and two for myself – he says ok. Emails back a few days later to ask if it’s ok that they are not real leather. By this time I just wanted SOMETHING for my money. Said ok. The bags arrived quickly – but they don’t look real. I mean… they look “ok” – like a purse I could get at Target – only with a MK logo on them. But they were packaged badly and there is wrinkling in the faux leather material which just does not look good. One of the bags looks just ugly to me so will never be used. The other three are ok to use I guess. But the whole thing was so disappointing. To his credit TonyHe was quite quick with replies and polite. But I the whole process was so drawn out and frustrating and I could have bought bags from Kohls for the same price that looked better. So… I took a risk and it did not pay off. I think I am done trying to get something nice from China. I once got a gorgeous Prada ruched back from a seller I can no longer find – perfect quality – but I think I must have just been lucky.

  13. Carlos Figueroa says:

    The rep. business is ilegal, violates the copyright laws therefore neither pay pal or credit cards companies accept payment or suscribers from this kind of companies. when a rep. business stated” credit cards payments accepted” always is based on western union and money gram transfers using your personal bank acc.

  14. Yasmin says:

    Hi everyone. I’ve purchased $600 worth of handbags from a seller named luzi nini from a website called and also I paid via wstern Union which I shouldn’t had done that. My story was when I paid and they recieved the payment I kept emailing them to send me preshipped pictures to try and see the quality. which was horrible the hand bags looked super fake the logos were off and the colors were also off when I asked them to please send me what you promised they stopped responding to my emails and never send me any handbags and they also didn’t refund my money please be aware don’t ever pay by western union and especially from this scam company.

    • bryanmazza says:

      Hi hun that’s terrible I don’t understand why you pay by western union you should never paid by western union😦😦always bank transfer or paypal if you have the choice ,normal I buy my bags on instagram I have very good person she has top quality bags she sends original photos before buying I’m so happy with this seller never problem and I pay bank transfer

  15. Kylee says:

    Does anyone know about I really want to purchase from them but I’m just wondering if it’s a scam or not? If I pay will I get my product?!?

    • jenny says:

      dont buy from here i never received my bag and they say they have a money back guarantee but they never gave me the money back and i kept emailing the guy but he never replied

  16. Mimi says:

    I also made the mistake of paying by western union from a siTe called seniorbags.RU. It did take a while and a bit of back and forth to decide to purchase the Gucci Soho bag in beige. I had very quick response from a lady called Amy who sent me loads of pictures of my item and even went ahead to senf what seemed liked a long list of good customer reviews. This put me at ease a little bit and I naively took the plunge when Amy assured me that they were legit. I was tempted by the 15% off if you pay by western union so off I went to pay £173. The money was picked up within a few hours of sending (western union sent a notification). I sent a couple of emails to Amy at order@idolbags.RU to confirm money was received. it took her a couple of days to respond which I was a bit irritated by as before I paid I felt she was a lot faster with her responses. She confirmed indeed that the money had been picked up and my order was being prepared for shipping and promised to send a tracking number, that was a week and a half ago. That was the last time Amy or anyone from the company responded to me. I have sent close to 10 emails demanding my bag even going as far as telling them that I don’t want a refund, they should please just send me my item (I knew that there no chance of me ever getting my money back). I am extremely gutted that my money has now fallen into the hands of scammers. I hope my experience would help someone make a safe decision when dealing with these so called replica bags sellers. BEWARE OF SENIORBAGS.RU I THINK THEY MAY ALSO TRADE UNDER RHE NAME OF IDOLBAGS.RU

  17. sergeifitz says:

    That Amy is a common name among others like Jessica and Emily…I met via mail other 2 Amys . Too much coincidence in my opinion.At this time they all in China are away for Chinesse Year from Jan 18 to Febreruary 8th. Wish you luck in your matter and Thank you for sharing your experience with detail e mail an website. Hopefully you will receive your bag after Chinesse Year holidays 🙂

    • sergeifitz says:

      Dear Anna: has been shut down many many times…Jessica and Amy has 2 blogs and e mails and on the website there is a Big Statement about “The purse queen is giving them
      false advertisement….since you have been scammed by them e mail the owner of this blog with proff of payment or invoice from jessica shoes crazy , so the purse queen can expose the real scam with proof . We really appreciate your help.

  18. Rozlin Hutt says:

    Do not buy handbags from Michael Kors Outlet UK Online. These are from China though sellers go to great lengths to hide the fact!They are cheap replicas that are poorly made and fall apart/break upon handling. They pretend to offer discount but do not apply at point of paying. When you try to return item they do not reply emails and totally blank you,. You will be stuck with their cheap tat! Beware! Avoid at all costs. Buy from reputable companies.

  19. Linda says:

    Hey Anna just curious from name Jessica why she scammed you? What product you buying?
    Please let me know thanks

  20. Kat says:

    Is bank transfer through western union safe? I tried paying western union with a credit card but it was declined. I’m afraid to make bank transfer,worried that its a scam

  21. Ale says:

    Bought a bag from Joy (fabaaa) on Feb 3, as of 2/6 it was processing shipment.. was told via email from Joy that it would have tracking on the 10… emailed again and she said I would have tracking by Sunday 2/12. Well.. it’s Sunday, finally have a tracking number and am told to wait a few days for it to be updated as the team has been behind. So I guess we’ll wait and see if I get my stuff.. (I ordered a never full and a Cartier ring)

  22. Sarah says:

    Hi guys – does anyone have any guidance on replica shoes? I’m looking for Valentino Rockstud heels – have seen loads of scam websites but wondering if anyone has had any luck with a decent replica? Thank you!

  23. Betty Bop says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Jess at Fallinfashion. Their website is down. 😦
    They are my favorite seller for LV (communication, easy to deal with). Any idea how to get in touch with her?

    I was thinking about ordering from Sandy or Fang. Has anyone had good recent experiences with either ?

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