REPLICA SCAM LIST (must read!)

Hey guys feel free to comment below about any sites that have ripped you off while shopping for a replica of any kind whether it be a handbag, shoes, or even a watch. If you feel you should warn others about any site the comments are a free for all! You can also email me any review you have at with pictures and details and I will post it up on the blog for all to read!

If a website gets enough negative reviews I will add it to the scam list. If you are a website owner you can also feel free to converse with the unhappy buyers. I hope this opens up a great dialogue between shoppers and sellers, and allows us to help warn shoppers to stay away from certain sites and sellers that have proven to be nothing but trouble!


NAMES/EMAILS: or or someone named Winnie.

I have received MANY negative reviews about sites called “ebag” “ebbaag” or any similar sounding name. They are a scam. They do not send anything because they don’t have anything to sell. The products pictured on their sites are stolen photos. Many have alleged they steal your identity and run a phishing scam. Save your money and yourself a headache and do not shop here. The negativity about this group of scammers is overwhelming and enough to warrant a big warning!


445 thoughts on “REPLICA SCAM LIST (must read!)

  1. Rora says:

    I have purchased a purse vis .. they send me,back that they are going to ship it tomorrow but till now no trucking number sent to me .. are they layers? Are they going to send me a purse or not? ..
    I read a positive reviews on their website

    • ANG says:

      HI Rora, am just about to order a bag from but before that i was womdering if they already sent your bag or u still wating for that.? did they give u the right one in the right time?
      pls if u could let me know as am not sure to buy it

    • Dalia Asbahi says:

      Hi Rora,

      Did ever send you your purse??? I am worried too! Please reply to me and let me know if they are safe.

      • anna xylo says:

        HI there I was wondering if you ever rcvd your bag? I want to put an order in but it seems noone (the blogger) does not respond to all these questions and comments here. So I was hoping you could answer if you got your or not Thanks Anna

  2. Ellabia says:

    Hello everyone, just to understand, the only place to place an order and not beeing fooled would be DD. Or do you have other experiences?
    I would love a Chanel 2.55. Does anyone have any experience with a serious seller?
    Thanks a lot Elena

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