Some of my replica bags collection so far!! Crazy how these bags are worth over $20,000 USD on their retail price when I got them for a 10th of that as replicas!

Hi guys! I get a lot of emails about what sites I recommend for buying replicas and here are my 2 favorite sites right now. I don’t buy on Ioffer or aliexpress or social media because I have been burned through them and they are really hit or miss. I personally prefer to go after websites where I can establish a relationship with one specific replica seller and know that I will get good quality every time. Anyways these are my two favorite sites right now. If you have any sites to recommend please email me or comment below and send a review! NO SPAM from replica sellers please; this is for replica shoppers only and we want to keep it ad free!!

They don’t have many brands but their Celine is awesome!

They sell pretty much everything and are my usual shopping spot for replicas.



  1. Jenny Lin says:

    DD site is down and I don’t have Emily on wechat! Does anybody have her wechat ID or email so I can contact her to order some bags? Thank you!


  2. Darlene says:

    Hello this is Darlene I am wanting to find vendors where I can purchase Louis Vuitton Gucci Prada handbag street from the vendors also I would like to see the items before I purchase them if you can help me please

  3. Dana Kaplan says:

    Does anyone know about Vogue King? Pictures look good and very reasonalble but wanted to throw this one out there…also they take credit cards which is unusual

  4. Jo says:

    Anyone know of any reputable Chanel stores.. and of course, replicas. I’ve just placed my first order with DD and awaiting for my goodies to arrive but I noticed they don’t stock Chanel 😦

    If you have ordered from a reputable company please let me know!

    ps. Ordered from Ioffer (two chanel bags) they sent me two slabs of Chinese concrete ($100 each to be precise!). Was not impressed!

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