Some of my replica bags collection so far!! Crazy how these bags are worth over $20,000 USD on their retail price when I got them for a 10th of that as replicas!

Hi guys! I get a lot of emails about what sites I recommend for buying replicas and here are my 2 favorite sites right now. I don’t buy on Ioffer or aliexpress or social media because I have been burned through them and they are really hit or miss. I personally prefer to go after websites where I can establish a relationship with one specific replica seller and know that I will get good quality every time. Anyways these are my two favorite sites right now. If you have any sites to recommend please email me or comment below and send a review! NO SPAM from replica sellers please; this is for replica shoppers only and we want to keep it add free!!

They don’t have many brands but their Celine is awesome!

They sell pretty much everything and are my usual shopping spot for replicas.



  1. Audrey says:


    Have anyone ever purchased a Celine mini belt bag or Celine Sangle bag from DD? Am eyeing on those two bags at the moment but am unsure of the quality from DD. Please share with me the pictures of your Celine bags from DD if you have any. Appreciate it! Thanks!!

      • andreea says:

        Hello. do you happen to know where I could sell a Chanel Replica 2:55? I received it as a gift as real, but obviously is fake, though I must admite an amazing replica. any help would be appreciated. I neither know the price or where to sell it.

  2. Juliana says:

    Looking for a Givenchy Antigona Medium Duffel Bag in black or tan. They look amazing on the DD site but they don’t have the full dimension slisted. Has any one purchased the 28cm bag? Want to know if it is similar in size to the real bag.

    • tisha says:

      I purchased small givenchy antigona from DD in december and had a great experience overall. I even went to store and compared it. The bag looks exactly the same. Only minor difference that I noticed is in the feel of zipper where the original zipper works little more smoothly than the replica one. However, noone can tell the difference just by looking at the bag. I got lot of compliments already

  3. Beth says:

    Thank you! This morning Emily replied that I need to wait 2 MORE weeks (t’s already been more than 6 weeks), then she will re-ship mine. I asked if she could please reship it now so we’ll see…

  4. Elaine says:

    I’m looking for a reputable seller that makes a high quality (1:1 or original) replica Chloe “Faye” Crossbody – small handbag in black suede/leather. I purchased one from a seller off of iOffer but it was NOT a good bag for the price…I returned it. I’m still on the look out for one.

  5. Nikki says:

    Does anyone (reputable and knowledgeable with experience) know where i can get a replica Ch***l bag that is very good quality. I would appreciate a response as I’ve heard no one gets their questions answered lol.

  6. Beth says:

    My LV Neverfull MM has finally arrived! It is a very good replica – I can’t tell the difference between it and an authentic bag. So it took seven weeks to receive but it was worth it. They’ve also included an LV dust bag, shopping bag and the bag was in an LV gift box with a large fabric red bow, so if you were purchasing it as a gift it would be beautifully packaged. There wasn’t a nasty formaldehyde odor that sometimes is on items from overseas, but there is a light odor, hard to describe but my best guess would be ‘new fabric coating’. I am airing it out overnight in the garage with newspaper packed inside.

  7. heather says:

    brought a louis vuitton replica bag off this company plus wallet the bag was fine but they sent a business card holder instead of wallet and when i asked to return holder they said we don’t exchange or refund so paid £50 for a wallet got £15 card holder been sending emails for a month not good company probably would have spent hundreds of pounds if company had of been good

  8. Susan says:

    Do you they use real leather for the Celine bags (is it plastic) –
    Can you spot it’s a fake – or could someone else who has the real thing know it’s a fake?

  9. Sadia Siddique says:

    where can I buy a high quality channel and mulberry bag?

    I would appreciate a response ASAP as its my mums Birthday next month!

    Many thanks


  10. Linda says:

    Hi I just help you to replied your email
    If you like more information about the replica stuff email me,
    We will chat via email and I show you what I bought it.

  11. Mimi says:

    Never trust any of these sites! I am currently in a situation where I purchased the Gucci Soho bag from seniorbags.RU. I most certainly did my research before taking the plunge as this is my first time buying a replica bag. The lady Amy was initially very responsive almost pushing me to make payment. she sent me loads of photos and customer reviews and I was satisfied obviously drawn in by the 15% discount I paid by western union. the money was picked up within a few hours of sending it. This was last saturday. I have sent numerous emails to find out is going on as once the money was picked up all correspondence from them stopped. Now I feel I have been duped….£173 is not my problem in life but still it is money that shouldn’t be wasted. I really don’t know what to do… The status of my order in my account section on their site reads pending! I know some people may have had success with this company but I would definitely not recommend them to anyone. They strike me as a group of scammers taking your money and not sending you what you paid for or worst still not sending you anything at all! conclusion DO NOT BUY FROM SENIORBAGS.RU, IDOLBAGS.RU or whatever other name they are trading under

      • Ali says:

        .ru means it’s coming from Russia……beware. you’re not likely to receive anything from them! They just want your $$$$$

      • Oh Wow says:

        I legit just read about these people on spotbags, too. oh mannnn, i’m so sorry. at least she didn’t give your private info out to another customer. this amy woman is a messss.

    • LaLa says:

      Having exactly the same problem. They sold me a bag that they didn’t have in stock, took the money within 45 minutes and have been giving me the runaround for hours about supplying a different bag. I told them I want my money back and they just kept trying to stall me. Three hours i tried. Do not waste your time with !!!

  12. Emily says:

    Hi there I’m thinking about buying a Gucci Dionysus from DD but am a little iffy about wiring money. Have you ever had any issues with money with them? Not even sure if they have a return policy! Thanks

  13. Isabelle says:

    Hi Guys, i’m in Australia and keen to buy a gucci mini swing bag to take on a holiday with me. Really scared to do a western union money transfer (never done one before), any one of my Aussie friends have any tips/advice?

  14. Angie says:

    Hi guys I would like to by a fendi bag from DD has anyone recently bought from them? I would really like someone’s advice and if they can email me pictures of their purches from them so that I can tell if 500$ aren’t waisted

  15. LD says:

    Hi, I’m very skeptical about buying a Neverfull MM from DD. Could you tell me more about how the payment process works, and if this website is legit?

  16. Vee says:

    I am a regular customer of DD. I have purchased 4 LV bags (capucines, Babylone, Montaigne, Keepall) 5 LV wallets and 2 CELINE totes! I was extremely pleased with all. However, allthough the Celine bags are gorgeous , the mistake I made was not getting the Micro or Nano size. The bags are too big for me and I have not used either one at all. If anyone is interested in these bags and would rather buy local first time instead of wire transfer, ( i know that makes people nevous) I am located in NYC and would be happy to sell these for exactly what I paid so I can order smaller size. They are both dual colors (Black /red) (Beige/Navy Handle) if u would like pictures or more info please post your contact info in a reply to me. 😃👛

  17. Jeanette says:

    I am considering buying an LV Babylone handbag from Counter Luxury. Does anyone know if this bag is as good a quality replica as bags from Designer Discreet ? Designer Discreet does not carry this bag or I would purchase from them.
    Thank you !!

  18. Indra says:

    Has anyone shopped on how is their quality? And from all of the reading i got that DD bags are much better than pursevalley.con, right?

  19. All says:

    Hey, any idea where i can sale a replica bag? I have purchased a high quality bag from YSL but I’m not using it at all. Any FB groups? ebay is not an option because it’s not authentic.
    Thanks 🙂

  20. Panda says:

    Anyone who wants to discuss replicas should join the forum where we discuss shopping for replicas. We already invited Angie to join too!

  21. Chelsea says:


    I was wondering if you had heard of I can’t tell if they’re a legitimate company or not. They only accept payment via western union or money gram.

  22. Beth says:

    No, mine didn’t have a crease. It did have a strong “new” smell but it gradually went away. I love my bag. I purchased an acrylic base from Amazon that I think has helped maintain the shape of the bag.

  23. Andorra says:

    After reading over and over again the same comments and questions , I am going to clarify , again, one more time about some questions from new members facing ,when you buy this kind of goods.
    1. DD is a honest seller, I do not work for them or anything, nor own this blog but I have been purchasing from them for years.
    2. This kind of business, sellers or websites DOES NOT USE CREDIT CARDS, PAY PAL, XOOM OR ANYTHING, because the nature of their business, make sense please!
    3. DD excelled in shipping your Goods …however, Customs and carriers dump careless the parcel during shipping, they are not liable for this kind of situations.
    4. 100% assurance just with DD and it’s sister sites, the other comments are just to share whether we know, or not a seller or web site and warns to our community.
    5. DD sell ” Counter quality” you will get a ”mirror quality ” for the pricy purse.
    6. Do not expect any Chinese web site or seller use credit cards, since this is a special kind of business.


  24. Baganista says:

    Dear purse queen. I’ve noticed that although they claim to be different sites these suppliers all have the same background in many of their purse photos. Including the 2 right here in this post.
    Look for the bird cages with red bag inside and the shoes attached to the outside. I’ve even seen the same background on 2-3 different Instagram sellers all with different sites, different contact email and we-chat or Viber. Any thoughts on this?

    • thepursequeen says:

      Hi hun, a lot of sellers steal unwatermarked photos and advertise it as what they sell even though it is not what they actually offer. I personally don’t trust anyone on instagram who sells anything because they change their number/delete their account in a matter of minutes and you are out of luck. At least with a site you have somewhere to refer to. Our friend Sergie also has some good insight! But don’t be fooled, just because you see the same pictures does not mean you will get the same quality – over 90% of replica sellers are fake and will either scam your money or sell you a bag that = garbage. 🙂

  25. sergeifitz says:

    Hi. They do have the same background because .
    ,majority of the sellers buy from the same factories, factories has their own showrooms and then wholesellers go there and buy to re sell. That’s why you see the same background, if you find differents back grounds is just when each website or seller decide to make their own set of photos for sale, that is not easy due to the cost of
    each bag and the invesment in make their own web sites and album

  26. Beth says:

    Serena – I paid Designer Discreet by Western Union and got an email from Emily the next day that she had received my payment . I am very happy with my bag and they are legit. It just took seven weeks to receive and they said it was due to custom shipments being hung up in California which may have been true.

  27. Gigi says:

    Hi guys,
    I ordered a Neverfull mm with pink lining and matching wallet with pink details from DD on March 4th. It was very nerve wracking to send this online company almost $600.00 through Western Union. I sent the money and heard back from them about three (!!!) days later saying they had picked it up and would be processing my order soon. And to “be patient!” A week went by and nothing. After about 10 days, I started emailing them asking the status of my order. I had gone on their website and logged into my account and saw that my order was “on hold”. I sent another message asking what this meant and how much longer her until the order shipped. Nothing back. Then, two days later, I received a message telling me my order had shipped and included a tracking number for EMS. I tracked the package on EMS’s site and low and behold, it had already tried to be delivered to my door that very day, the 16th. I wasn’t home so the Mailman took it back to the PO and I had to pick it up there.
    The bag and wallet are AMAZING. They came beautifully packaged in a LV box tied with signature blue ribbon. The wallet was just as nicely packaged, the quality of these items are top notch. I seriously cannot tell the difference from the real thing. I was very concerned about the bag being creased ( I had heard it would come folded) but there was nothing – crease or otherwise- to worry about. I wish I could post photos here to show you. Bottom line: very scary to send that much money in cash with no recourse so far away. But DD is the real deal and I can’t wait to pick out my next bag!

  28. saba says:

    the designer district only asks for wire transfer, which is not safe and they can disappear anytime. has anyone bought from there? are they really trust worthy? the cheapest bags etc is couple of hundreds of dollars which is not little amount. thanks

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