Some of my replica bags collection so far!! Crazy how these bags are worth over $20,000 USD on their retail price when I got them for a 10th of that as replicas!

Hi guys! I get a lot of emails about what sites I recommend for buying replicas and here are my 2 favorite sites right now. I don’t buy on Ioffer or aliexpress or social media because I have been burned through them and they are really hit or miss. I personally prefer to go after websites where I can establish a relationship with one specific replica seller and know that I will get good quality every time. Anyways these are my two favorite sites right now. If you have any sites to recommend please email me or comment below and send a review! NO SPAM from replica sellers please; this is for replica shoppers only and we want to keep it ad free!!

They don’t have many brands but their Celine is awesome!

They sell pretty much everything and are my usual shopping spot for replicas.



  1. Djfish says:

    Hi Purse Queen,

    I am after a Celine Micro and can’t get through to counter luxury, I have emailed and used we chat to ask a few questions before ordering but am yet to hear back.

    Do DD have the same quality Celine’s?

    Thanks in advance xx

  2. Mariellen Etter says:

    Anybody order from counterluxury? I purchaed a toiletries 25 from them on March 15 and have not heard fromthem.

  3. liza4320 says:

    Hello, can someone please let me know if these handbags come in the new LV orange box or the older brown box? Thank you.

  4. A says:

    Does anyone know if the quality of all the bags are pretty close to the real deal or is it hit or miss? I am looking at a few from DD and am tempted but am unsure still. Anyone else have any experiences with DD? thanks.

  5. zohra halela says:

    Pls do not shop from they took my 500 usd thru western union. Its s russian gang sitting in china. Beware

      • Justin says:

        Hey how long did it take for your order from senior to ship? Want to order the Gucci supreme shopper but cautious thanks

      • Nezha Zouaidi says:


        I am receiving emails info from you but you still did not allow me to post in your site. My posts still “awaiting moderation”.

        Please need answer as soon as possible.

        Kind regards Nani


    • Sophie says:

      Because if you don’t spend at least 300$, you will get “normal” quality and most of us here want quality that you can bring it to the store and they can’t tell difference. I bought LV from DD and went to Vuitton store, they noticed my bag and even complimented me ;))

  6. Nas says:

    Hi. I have a brand New, Never carried Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma PM Totem Collection in Magenta from Designer Discreet that I am wanting to trade. Its brand new with box, dust bag and all.

  7. Trendy_hunter says:

    Hi there I’m new over here…
    I’m sure you can help me.
    I’m searching since a while a CC bags a 1:1 high quality replica but … with a vintage look, you know those that are selling in eBay like “authentic” vintage bag for around 1200$ 😭😭…
    I’m looking the double flap the old model with a “sign ” on the CC logo.
    Any suggestions?
    Please πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» H E L P. M E
    My budget is maximum 450$

  8. Trendy_hunter says:

    Hi there I’m new over here…
    I’m sure you can help me.
    I’m searching since a while a CC bags a 1:1 high quality replica but … with a vintage look, you know those that are selling in eBay like “authentic” vintage bag for around 1200$ 😭😭…
    I’m looking the double flap the old model with a “sign ” on the CC logo.
    Any suggestions?
    Please πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» H E L P. M E
    My budget is maximum 450$

  9. Lola says:

    Hi there,

    I am interested in getting Gucci bag from DD . I am a bit worried that the quality will not be as good as LV ones

    • Marly says:

      I find their LV to be better than the Gucci on a general scale but Gucci is model by model. Some are 1:1 some not as great so I would suggest asking them since they are usually good at giving recommendations for what is best in terms of quality. I use wechat to contact them.

  10. Vanessa says:

    You guys shouldn’t buy replicas. I understand you can’t afford the real thing, but one; it’s not original and never will be an original, and two; its completely dishonest to the brand. I understand that you want the same thing but can’t get it, but why buy something that’s fake. If you’re going to spend money on replicas, why don’t you just save up for the real thing.. the amount you spend on fake bags with equal a nice authentic bag.. then you can save again for another.

    • Donna says:

      I own numerous LV handbags and the quality is not what it use to be ! Then when you go to replace piping in 3 months to a year the cost is always $500.

      Why pay $1500 and we’ll over for notvreal lesther is your going to buy the monogram LV anyway when the stores can’t even tell the difference until they send it out cause of wear and tear.

      If anyone lives in NJ or NY or CT or visits – go to Woodbury Commons Prada Store with reals bags in real full leather discounted from $2500 to $4000 for $900 to $1500. That’s a true deal and a real bag that will last a lifetime !!

    • Mind Yo Business Vanessa says:

      Get off this site with your bullshit! If you don’t buy replicas why are you hereπŸ€”

  11. Tessie says:

    It’s because we save so much money compared to buying the real thing and getting a bag that looks exactly like the real thing. Anyway why are you on here then!?

  12. ElisaJ says:

    I order a Gucci soho crossbody from DD. At first I was fearful to lose my money if it was a scam because this was the first time buying a replica bag but I have heard positive reviews about this site that I went and order. I pay with WU, after sending the confirmation code DD email me and told me my order would be process as soon as they can get the payment. After that I did not get any more emails. But on April 25, I received my order only 5 days after plaiting it. I am very please with my bag, you can’t tell the difference my cousin has the same bag only original and she was not able to tell the difference. I am so pleased and can wait to order from them again.

  13. Kriti says:

    Hi Purse Queen
    I am looking for an Orange Goyard (with zip) or St. Louis
    Could you pls guide who is the best seller for goyard?

  14. Katsy says:

    Does anyone know where I can find quality designer purses that don’t use real leather? Odd question, I know. But I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  15. Lis says:

    Hello- where would you suggest I go for the best Hermes Evelyne replica? I’m looking for the PM not GM. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  16. Trinh Phan says:

    Hi Pursequeen,

    I am looking for a replica birkin size 30 these days, and some of my friends introduce the website to me. Do you have any experience or knowledge about that website? If you do, please share with me some. I will really appreciate that!

  17. Cate says:

    I am looking for a replica for the goyard tote and have been unsuccessful on these sites : ( Any recommendations?

  18. Kathleen says:

    Any one ever buy from the Sephora Shoes or Ladies Bagstore on instagram? I ordered goods over a mobth ago and still did not receive??

  19. Liz says:

    I purchased a Louis Vuitton from Designer Discreet, They said that they only had two in stock of the one that I really wanted and they both had flaws, would I want another one? Anyway long story short I chose another one and it came (not the one that i LOVED). The bag is flawless, So I decided to purchase another one,,,same excuse..,two bags and they both have flaws. Production of the new one will start in May sometime and I decided to wait. This will be the last time that I purchase from them…I was very upset about this. Have you encountered this? I don’t believe they ever have the bag you initially want or they just don’t have enough of each bag.

    • Lou says:

      I’ve ordered with them 5 times (total of 7 bags) and its happened for 2 of my bags. They have stock but they sell a lot of bags so sometimes they run low on stock. Since they do the whole preshipment inspection they want to avoid sending a defective item we will end up complaining about anyways. I personally don’t mind this since I like that they are looking out for us instead of sending crappy bags and then ignoring us. Plus since they are shipping out so many orders they know what is best so I trust their advice personally. I think you just got some bad luck having it occur back to back with your orders.

    • Sophie says:

      Designer Discreet all the way πŸ˜‰

      if anyone of you are in MontrΓ©al, Canada area and wish to buy some, we could save some $$$

  20. Robert says:

    Dear All,

    I really NEED your help and support with the best site that sells best replica Goyard bags since iam confused with the quantity of websites spread on the net.
    appreciate to recommend the best trustable site that really can rely on.


    • Anna says:

      I have purchased from purse valley. They are not realiable, they advertise many types of payments but actually they force you to use western union- which does not allow the transaction because they consider their pick up agents fraud. It takes forever to get your shipment after many attempts of payments eventually the most secure is wire transfer but they charge you a higher fee. The quality of the products is not that great, most of them look really fake or they have defects , out of 1000k spent on products I got lucky with 3 purses that lookked pretty decent , the rest were not good quality. The custom ore service sucks, they sometimes have deals buy 2 get one free , they keep sending you emails with western union agents and if your money can’t get picked up at the destination then they cancel your order. David, one of their agents is very unprofessional and rude and disrespectful. They don’t respond to emails on time, always a long time on the phone to speak to an event. I’m over and done with pursevalley. Cn for sure and going to do some research – I’m sure there are other good sites out there that are better in terms of quality and customer service and happy to take my $$

      • Kimberly says:

        How many handbags have you ordered from purse valley? I was actually about to order a Louis Vuitton Neverfull from them. Is the quality really terrible on the bags? Do they look like their pictures?

  21. Sophie says:

    Hello ladies! Could some of you tell me if “Jo Bags” is good? I have heard many good things suppose to be original leather counter quality.

    Usually I order from Designer Discreet

  22. Pam says:

    Is there any sites that sale high quality close to perfection Louis Vuitton bags that have correct datecodes? Is that possible?

    • Sophie says:

      Hello Pam! I am looking exactly for the same thing as you. Could you please reply to me if you ever find any?

    • Kathleen says:

      Hermaz is very sketchy – they don’t answer you fir a very long time and have sent wrong orders many times!

  23. Nikki says:

    Hello I’m looking to buy Louis Vuitton Kimono PM Handbag replica any recommendations??? I don’t want a fake looking cheap bag.

  24. Kruti says:

    Hi!! I love your articles they are so informative! I have never wanted to by a replica because I believe whatever you make is what you can spend! But you have totally converted me! I want to make a good investment on a replica because if I ever had the real thing I would never take it out of the house because its super expense. I have some budget set a side and I wanted to get the best of the best replica quality. I want to get an Electric blue 35 Birkin bag or Eutope but I wanted to get it in Epsom leather. What do you recommend? Have you ever ordered from uncle bench website? Or do you know anyone? Were they happy?

    • Alex says:

      Read uncle Bench’s website review, Do not buy from them, the reviews are always here for your information. Buy with confidence from PH.

  25. TinkerN says:

    Hello!anyone has any advice on ordering in EU countries? things are getting pretty strict with customs.Thank you!

  26. Lindsay says:

    I came across and was about to make a purchase but before I did , I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about the site and is it legit ?

  27. Sscott says:

    Hi. This site is awesome. I’m looking for an Lv agenda mm or gm size. Can’t find one anywhere. Does anyone have a seller that has them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  28. TLM says:

    I know many of you have purchased from Designer Discreet and I have too & Very pleased with their quality! However, the LV favorite mm I want still is 300 on DD! Has anyone ordered from Fang Fang?? Curious how her quality compares to DD, or afraid I’ll be disappointed πŸ€” Looking to see if anyone has purchased from Both sellers??

  29. Andrea d says:

    Hi! New here. Just wanted to share my horrible experience buying from AliceBags from China. I ordered an LV Neverfull MM from her at about $170 including shipping. She or maybe they? were so quick to respond in the earlier part of the transaction (before I posted payment). They were saying all the right things, promising me they will choose best stock for me and send me detailed shots before sending the package out. Assuring me that the bag would be of the same materials as the original… I finally got my bag after 2 weeks delay. They were almost completely unresponsive throught this period of waiting. No more answers to my queries and never sending the promised detailed shots. I was just thinking that all can be forgiven as long the bag turns out nice. To my great dismay, I got a bag that may or may not have been made out of rubber instead of canvas. Even the trimmings that were meant to be cowhide leather were made out of vinyl and poorly stitched. The color was off, the materials, the shape.. It was BAD. I emailed them my feedback and hoped against hope for some sort of consideration or explanation for this mess. Naturally, I got crud from them, they just gave me a generic reply stating that they sent me the best quality version of the bag and they couldn’t refund me because there were no defects. What??? No defects?? I even sent photos of all the flaws and things that really mertied complaint, but nothing from them at all. Anyway… I just wanted to put this out there in the chance that I save somebody from making the same mistake. Will send another msg with a list of their sites so you all can avoid them. Worst mistake ever.

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