Some of my replica bags collection so far!! Crazy how these bags are worth over $20,000 USD on their retail price when I got them for a 10th of that as replicas!

Hi guys! I get a lot of emails about what sites I recommend for buying replicas and here are my 2 favorite sites right now. I don’t buy on Ioffer or aliexpress or social media because I have been burned through them and they are really hit or miss. I personally prefer to go after websites where I can establish a relationship with one specific replica seller and know that I will get good quality every time. Anyways these are my two favorite sites right now. If you have any sites to recommend please email me or comment below and send a review! NO SPAM from replica sellers please; this is for replica shoppers only and we want to keep it ad free!!

They don’t have many brands but their Celine is awesome!

They sell pretty much everything and are my usual shopping spot for replicas.



      • v.k says:

        I tried to order from voguekingbags recently. I submitted my card information and clicked pay. The bag was supposed to be $215, tax and shipping included. I immediately got a text from my bank saying a suspicious transaction was made, and to verify if it was me. I okay-ed the transaction. The bank said to try submitting the payment again, and that this time it should go through. But I got the same text again, saying the transaction was suspicious. I logged into my account on my bank’s website to check out what the problem was. I saw that the first attempted payment was $230 and the payee was someone in Jianxi (? I can’t remember exactly) anyway, someplace in China. The second attempted payment was $236 and the payee was someone in a different region of China. The fact that the payee changed, and that the amount I was paying kept changing, sent off giant alarm bells in my head.
        I honestly don’t know where all the good reviews on their site come from..but I wouldn’t trust them if I were you.

  1. Itslucy says:

    Is there anyone on here who has brought from Designer Descreet before? Could you please let me know how it was/how you payed/ what you ordered/ how is the item? Ect. I really want to order a LV neverfull in MM. But am looking for reassurance and would be nice to know if others have purchased and their experience ! Thank you xxxx

    • Kelsey says:

      I have bought several bags from there and always very pleased! Sometimes there is a smell but once you air it out it is totally fine!

    • Janice says:

      Hi! I Purchased last week a Louis Vuitton Babylon. ( very difficult to replicate ) I took cash to a Western Union location and paid for it. I was a little skeptical but did it anyway. $430. Within a week I had the purse and was beyond thrilled and surprised at the quality. It looks exactly like the one in the retail store. Absolutely beautiful. I’m going to order another !! I would say do it for sure!

    • Lisa says:

      I did, last summer, ordered a Dior Diorama Bag. Communication was great, i paid through WE and everything went really smooth. I spoke on WE Chat with Emily i believe was her name, she was really fast with the reply and everything. After I paid, i sent them the proof, and everything went smooth from there. I did not receive pre shipment photos but I kind of rushed them because i was leaving the country and i wanted to receive my bag before that. I think i got my bag in about a week-10 days, can’t remember exactly. Unfortunately i did have to pay customs, around 50$ but i think it was just my “luck”. Anyways, onto the bag. The bag was beautiful, came with the box and dust bag. The chain was really really well done, heavy and nice shine, i have been wearing it like everyday almost and it never rusted or anything. As far as i can tell the quality is pretty much almost perfect, it did have a small flaw in the front the width of the border was a tad bit bigger on one corner, but you can’t really tell unless you really analyze the bag. I received only compliments on it, and I really want to order more from them. You can tell the quality is there and from what i read they are really really good at LV’s. But i would say to really insist on pre shipment photos just to be 100% sure. Hope this helps!

    • Kim says:

      Hi, I was just about to purchase a Chloe Pixie from them. Why are they a scam? It is poor quality? They don’t send product? Bad return policy?

    • James says:

      I just ordered from joy, paid 2 weeks ago and still no tracking number. So, I would be careful! Will keep you posted.

  2. brokenandrebuilt says:

    So I ordered a bag from DD and I paid the $ western union on Saturday. I have not heard anything from them? I thought I would at least get a email response after I emailed them the info for the payment. I tried adding them on WeChat and nothing. When I look on the site it still says my order is on hold as of 2/16/18 when I placed it. Anyone else experience this with them? I know it’s not even a full week but some confirmation would be nice.
    Concerned consumer

    • Lisa says:

      this is the email i received from them after i sent them the proof of payment. But i ordered a while ago. I know they had their Chinese New Year and they were closed, maybe that’s why there’s a delay in communication. I hope everything will go smooth for you, i had no problems with them. You should double check with Western Union if they collected the money or not. Insist with WeChat maybe they get to you faster. Hope this helps!

      Thank you for contacting Designer Discreet! Thank you for your order!

      We will try to collect your remittance today!

      we will handle order as soon as possible once receive your remittance!

      Normally, we will prepare your order within 3 days after we received your payment, it need 5-7 days to reach your hand after we ship item.

      Also, we will contact our factory for the pre-shipment picture.

      Please wait patiently!

      Have a nice day and enjoy shopping.”

  3. Paul says:

    Please take note for anyone who want to purchase @ this website is a scam , it’s well design website but they are not sending anything there will be an auto reply and someone called Linda will send you normal template and asking for transfer but you will never received the goods . This is a well design website

    Lucky I only lost 86$ usd for a keychain
    Please take note !

    • MB says:

      You are SOOOOO RIGHT!!! I ordered Gucci scarfs from them only to be told the MTCN # was incorrect and resend the payment. So I did and provided another confirmation number. Found out they took BOTH payments after saying the first one was incorrect. They did send me the order but never returned the funds I first sent. I also ordered shoes but they never sent me those or the money back. NEVER ordering from them again!!

  4. Jezza Raaz says:

    hi guys!

    So I always buy from ANNIE (wechat). I always pay paypal and just want to purchase from 1 seller so i don’t need to search all the time. Anyway, after 5th order, i noticed the items that i have been getting are really bad quality. Shes only good in the beginning but after a while she doesn’t send pre-posting photos or videos anymore. I thought its just shes busy or what but then after getting the items it all makes sense now because the items are so bad quality. So you then contact her and wow she gets aggressive. She doesn’t take criticism and make you feel you don’t know anything! I may be buying replicas but before that I do my research! she says bad things against you like u dont know anything and i do etc. when you are just pointing out the faults of the bag and shoes you got. its just very stressful to be honest! ugh!

    LV pochette accesoire – the straps are so fake, no stitch in the middle, the bag itself is cheaply made. the piping of the bag are all inwards in every corner. and this what intrigue me – all hardware are MATTE???? im not sure of this one. She said LV did made a matte one but i havent seen a pochette in a matte HW? i thought they only make shiny gold?

    Valentino Rockstud 36mm – the soles are different colour, glue excess marks all over, the label on the soles are not even glued straight.

    in short, these items are not even close to the real ones!

  5. bagofmoney says:

    Hi all, I’m a new member. Has anyone found a chanel replica site that would replace Voguekings? I want to start my summer collection :/

  6. Hayley Brazill says:


    Can someone direct me to the best counter quality suppliers ? The two on the list are really good but I need someone who does Chanel, Goyard … plus I’d like a bigger range of jewellery.

    Thx. Hayley.

  7. Kendall says:

    I would like a small black Prada double bag with red lining. The Saffiano. Any suggestions for me? I clicked the links and they aren’t working for me.

  8. Rachel says:

    Do not ever buy from Bags Vista. The bag that arrived was so fake looking and they made me pay $50 to send it back to CHINA! I have not received a refund despite their promises on their site.

  9. Nikki says:

    Why I’m the world won’t DD take Visa and MasterCard or debit visa? This makes me so upset.i hate the hassle of their pmt options. I’ve also had fraud through Westren Union so I’d think I’m not the only one and it would make many potential buyers not buy.

  10. Susan says:

    I have a beautiful tan Hermes Togo 30 with silver from I used several times and paid over $2000 for it. Would love to sell it. It’s in perfect condition but I am missing the keys & lock. If interested please email me Klspecialtygroup yahoo thanks!

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