What in the world happened to Pursevalley.cn and Perfectwatches.to?

Most people who have ever thought of shopping for replicas have most likely heard of Pursevalley and their sister company Perfect Watches. They were a notorious company, and have been up for practically forever – I mean I have been shopping for replicas for over ten years and have seen their sites up since the beginning when I first dipped my toes into replica bags. I was always tempted to try them at first, and did and I got burned and learned a key first lesson in replica shopping: you will make mistakes until you find a good seller.

But now their site is down (it has been since early August). I have heard that many people who ordered in July are hanging on by a thread as their money has been taken however their orders have yet to be fulfilled. I am not surprised Pursevalley decided to go out like this by ripping people off, since any sophisticated replica shopper should be aware they are a very scam-y operation even when they were up. Their bags did not last and their lies were aplenty.

Will Pursevalley pop up again? Who knows? When I think of Pursevalley now I get reminded of a childhood game I played called Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I guess the only question that remains now is what in the world happened to Pursevalley.cn and PerfectWatches.to?

After perusing online I see that people were told they were moving warehouses and that all the products on their site was showing as sold out. Maybe their factory was busted or maybe they just decided to shut down their operations after screwing people over for years. One thing is for sure though, Pursevalley has left a sour taste in many replica shoppers mouth’s, and for many it was their first bad or mediocre experience when shopping for replicas. Whatever the case, whether Pursevalley got busted or shut down, I for one am happy to see them go, and hope they don’t pop back up.

Are you someone who has shopped with Pursevalley right before they got shut down and not received your stuff? Or do you have any idea what happened to them? Please leave a comment below and share your experiences to enlighten us!

63 thoughts on “What in the world happened to Pursevalley.cn and Perfectwatches.to?

  1. Nina says:

    I spent $400 and everything was going well. My debit card was declined a couple of times and I know I should have listened to my intuition and not continued but I really wanted a LV bag. I got an email saying they were moving their warehouse, they were cooperative but after a week from receiving the email they stopped contacting me. They said they would be done with their warehouse moving process by the second week of August but I knew that it was a loud of bull$#*!. So I called my bank( bank of america) and filed a a fraud claim. They are still investigating the matter, I was given credit for the $400 until they finish their investigation.

    I’m just thankful that I didn’t use E-check or moneygram as my pay option or I would be out of $400 by now. Learned my lesson the hard way.

    • Natalie Paun says:

      I really do wish they come back. They were great if you can’t afford the real deal. They were great once I made a mistake on my order they had the curtacy to ring me and write to me in Australia.

  2. Mellisa says:

    They were the ABSOLUTE worst. They sent me a bag with a #1 instead of the “I” in Vuitton. Hello?!? Idiots!! They were awful to deal with. Glad they are gone.

    I’ve heard Joy’s quality has gone down, too. Right now I don’t know who to buy from.

  3. Joan says:

    They were a very reputable company in my opinion. I Justin received a bag that I I ordered from them and it was great. Never had a problem with them and I ordered about 5 bags.

  4. Alessia Vinci says:

    Most of my replica bags and accessories I bought from John of PerfectValley since 2009…the transactions are all “clean” and I paid a fair price for the quality of the leather or hardware/rhinestones…. They have been generous enough and even sent me free bags and free watch 2 years ago. Still in perfect condition. 🙂 silly indeed I am…I bought a replica of Hermes, LV, Gucci bags of my authentic ones only so I can protect from wear and tear or keep using the expensive bag…anyway I wish they come back…I feel sorry for the victims if there was really a scam, now I have a trustful supplier from China and he sends me a perfect copy of my accessories here in Europe.

  5. Dawn says:

    I ordered from them in the beginning of July and I, too, grew concerned when the website was taken down and my emails to previously functioning addresses were returned as unknow sender. However, I decided to take a chance that my bag would show up as promised. I’ve ordered many bags from them and have been very happy. Low and behold, I got home today and my LV showed up on my door. There was no slip inside like previous orders with a website so I have no clue if they changed their name or will be back as Purse Valley.

  6. Dree says:

    I liked the site and had no issues for many years. they replied to my email when the site was still up explaining that everything appeared to be sold out because shipping was backed up by two weeks so they were waiting for things to clear customs before selling anything else. then the site got shut down so I am sadly going to assume they were busted for something. Who else do you all recommend? I feel like some of the other sites are a bit overpriced.

    • Ida says:

      Pursevalley never had high quality replica bags. I made a mistake of buying from them first time and my bag was crap and broke apart quickly. I only buy from Designer Discreet now because they treat me well with high quality bags and actually care about keeping me as a customer.

      • Marie K says:

        HI may I have the name or site you purchase replicas from now? I was a customer of PV and had no issues my LV Artsy bag didn’t last but my neverfull tote still looks great. Thank you in advance. Marie in Florida

  7. Camelot says:

    I was a Perfectwatches customer and they were always great at responding and also had live customer service. I bought 5 watches in total and only had a problem with one which they were in the process of sending me a new mechanism when their website was shut down. I heard the “warehouse moving” story and knew right away that something was wrong. I am pretty sure they had some sort of FBI counterfeit seizure and were forced to shut down. I feel sorry for the people they deceived because they did not operate like that and were very nice and reliable in my experience. So long Perfectwatches..

  8. An says:

    Through an app I was using, I was trying to sell a purse that I had purchased from DD, when another user of the app told others that my price was too high and that they should check out PV. I warned them that PV has bad quality and if you happen to get a bad bag, their return policy is ridiculous. They didn’t heed my advice. I bought from PV once, and will never do it again. The stitching and seams were awful on all three bags I purchased.

  9. NP says:

    Hi Angie can you please confirm that Perfect C club is a good site to buy CC bags? Do you have other suggestions? I’m desperate to get a Chanel WOC but I’m very hesitant.. I bought 3 bags from random sites like e8bagg.com and it was a total failure 😞
    Please let me know your opinion thx very much!!

  10. Mellisa says:

    I’d love to know who y’all are using now. I’m extremely picky with detail. I definitely think the idea of pre-shipment photos is a great way to catch any flaws before it arrives and the hassle and small fortune of sending it back!!

    Mellisa in Louisiana

  11. Beth tidwell says:

    I have ordered from them in the past, they were very professional, and the products were and are awesome, well made, hold up well, watches still in tip top shape, I actually got on today to order a bag for my 11 y/o and what happened to them…. I have more than several authentic LV bags and for teens and younger, pursevalley was the place. Does anyone have any reputable sites that I may try, I really don’t have time or enough medication to deal with scams or nonsense, any great info is greatly appreciated…… TIA

  12. J. Edward says:

    I was one of the customers who had a perfect experience with them from the beginning have have some AMAZING bags from them.. at least 6 my favorite being the Louise Cappucines in black. They had perfect customer service when I was dealing with them and I am so disappointed to see that they have treated others with such dishonesty. I truly think they got in to big trouble as I found an injunction for selling replica Chanel…. Legally they seem to be in a bit of trouble but since they are in another country I think falling off of the radar will keep them out of sight. Shame on them for not returning money though.

  13. NN says:

    I’d like to know who everyone is using too. I’ve purchased a few items with pv.cn and had no issues with quality or service.

  14. Carol says:

    I had shop in pursevalley several times and had a excellet experience. I ordered in June my last replica from them and it took more time than usual to be delivered, them I realized their site was down and I got worried, but after almost two months I received my bag beautifull and perfect as usual. Hope they come back to bussiness

  15. Tonya says:

    I ordered through them for the first time in July. I spent over $400. I ordered a LV wallet and purse. I received the email about changing warehouses and that it will take a little longer to get the products. Then I got another one saying they were getting close to being finished with the warehouse. In October I ended up receiving the wallet. It was in great condition and I loved it. I still have not received the purse. I emailed them and never have heard anything back.

  16. Stephania Tucker says:

    Sometimes you just do not know who to give info to for good reps. Some might want business there way and tell on other reps.

  17. Arlete says:

    Please anyone, helppp:), I want buy some lv and some other good replica , but it’s so hard to find a secure, honest website!!🤦‍♀️ Please does anyone have a good and secure website do share? Thanks a lot😊

  18. Karly says:

    I ordered from Purse Valley on April 19, 2017 for the first time ever after looking at reviews and their purses for a while. They had a buy 2 get 1 free sale and I couldn’t resist anymore. My package showed it had been stopped at the customs facility in NY for over a month and I finally received a refund from PurseValley on June 2nd, 2017. I had to call almost everyday that whole month as I knew something was up with my package and I finally talked to one gentlemen working there who clearly had common sense and ended up refunding me (this process had been like pulling teeth). I then received letters about potentially suing me from the US government and Louis Vuitton themselves for trying to order these into the country…. I hope they stay gone.

    • Terry Campbell says:

      WOW!!! I ordered two NeverFull bags and Kepall luggage (LV) from some company in China (Obviousy) more than 10 years ago and they were perfect! I actually ordered Kepall from the LV official website just to compare them, and the similarity with the fake one I got from China was eerie, to say the least. I could not tell the difference. I then returned the authentic one back to LV official store. That company in China has long been gone from the internet.

    • Kendra says:

      Hi, Karly.

      I’m really sorry this happened. I want to order from them as well, however the thought of also potentially being sued has crossed my mind. Did LV or US take any “further” legal action against you?

  19. Antoinette says:

    I ordered a LV bag from Purse Valley for $400 and I have no complaints with my bag, this was in 2016. I have even talked with one of the sales reps because I wanted to return the bag for different bag when I first got it and they were willing to give me a $40 discount if I kept the bag that I had I am sorry that so many people have had a bad experience with this company.

  20. Kelly LaRosa says:

    I ordered from purse valley in July and received LV bag and its great but today I received a notice from the USPS that I owe $90 for the package clearing customs. Has anyone ever heard of this ?

  21. Kendra says:

    Hey, ladies.

    I believe Purse Valley may have changed their domain to 6sreplicachanel.com. I say this as some of their testimonials on this site have mentions of “PV” in them.

    I placed an order today but have yet to fill out the Western Union money order to them as I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail with their payment information. There is a *slight* tightness of worry in my gut and I may never fill out the WU money order even if the confirmation e-mail arrives.

    If I do decide to pull the trigger, which is a total of $193.00 (Purse + WU Fee), I’ll come back and leave a comment.


      • Kendra says:

        Hey, Sandra.

        I never filled out the Western Union order for 6sreplica. I did some more research and concluded that if you’re paying under $300.00 for a replica, it’s probably going to look painfully fake. However, I did receive a follow-up e-mail from a representative from 6sreplica (which made me feel a little better, that it’s not just a scam) asking if I still wanted to go through with the purchase, but, of course, that does not guarantee that the purse is quality.

        Are you looking exclusively for Chanel? Perfect C Club may be your best bet and their prices start at around $419.00 depending on what style you’re interested in. Let me know if you need the PCC password.

    • Theresa Smith says:

      Hi Kendra,

      I purchased seveveral LV bags from PV and they were beautiful. Now I’m really looking for a Chanel bag (or 2 ;). You mentioned PCC requires a password. Would you mind sharing that with me? If so, I would *really* appreciate it!


  22. Octavia says:

    I had the best experience. Delivery was fast. No complications. My LV Never Full GM is great. Still in good condition. No cracking, good leather. No one can tell the difference. I’ll miss them. I hope I can find a new place that’s trustworthy.

  23. pleasant says:

    I shopped with purse valley for a couple of years and never had a problem. I bought 5 purses and a Rolex watch. All of my experiences with them were great. All my purses are exact replicas of the real bags. I get compliments after compliments on my bags. I hope they resurface bc they made me believe in replica bags.

  24. PV Happy Customer says:

    IDK wassup with all of u guys?! I have only always been very pleased and more than happy and satisfied with my PV Bags. And I have plenty real LV’s from the LV Store inside Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu. The couple fake ones I got from PV were PERFECT!!! Waiting on shipping sucked, but that’s my very only complaint. Do you guys even have REAL bags to compare? Maybe we are not talking about the same vendor? Idk? If they did shut down, I truly hope they start right back up soon!

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