Scammer Alert: Do Not Buy Replicas From Instagram Sellers

Hello all. I received an unfortunate email from a blog reader who wishes to share her story of being scammed by purchasing through social media (Instagram in this case). I have noticed that the number of blog readers interested in Instagram replica bag sellers and quite frankly there are a lot of security flags that arise with social media that make me feel very uncomfortable with even thinking of purchasing from there. Unlike a website which has a verifiable history and record, social media accounts can pop up and disappear within moments. This means you are putting yourself at the mercy of an individual who presents themselves a certain way on a free social media platform (we all know how easy it is to set up a fake social media account) and putting your money at a very high risk. I strongly suggest you do not purchase anything through social media – whether it be an authentic bag or fake bag because there is simply not enough security or reassurance. If you come across a seller with a website linking to their profile that is a different story (and of course their website still needs to be vetted). Anyways here is the contents of the email I received warning everyone to stay away from an individual named Kiran Taha Berat (shame on him) who is stealing people’s money with no remorse:

Good afternoon. I came across the beware of scammers section and Im glad I did. I was looking for Chanel Supers and came across a man named Kiran Taha Berat from Budapest Hungary. Our communications were through WhatsApp. He had me send the money through Western Union. I’ve been waiting for months. I kept getting the run around. First it was “Oh we sold the last one and are waiting to restock”. Second was “Sorry we are no longer getting that model so heres some that we carry”. When I didnt like what was being offered they said I have to wait for the new shipment. Then I was sent photos of bags I actually liked. I made my choice and was told they’d be delivered asap. A week later I asked what day he sent it to me and disnt get a response for about 3 days. After waiting about 2 months I finally said if my order wasnt shipped by Friday that I want a full refund. The following day I was blocked on the app as well as his Instagram. Now I’m out of $1070.00. Im including screenshots and you can do what you like with them. I just wanted to warn everyone and anyone. He shouldn’t be able to rob people so easily. Now I have no idea what I should do.

15 thoughts on “Scammer Alert: Do Not Buy Replicas From Instagram Sellers

  1. Meaghan says:

    Wow such a sad story my heart goes out to whoever lost the money. Glad I found this blog’s reviews before I made my first purchase.

  2. Yu says:

    Am with DD even if they don’t sell Chanel wish they do maybe in the future but am happy with them as in happily contented

  3. Susan Palascak says:

    Hi I just purchased 2 “preowned” Louis Vuitton items. One is a purse and second is a duffle bay. I checked with the post office to get my items because I wasn’t home when they tried to deliver them. The Post office said the items were being shipped from China. That thru up a red flag. I purchased these items from “Bluefly” and have bought from them before. These items are a final sale and can’t be returned. I studied Louis Vuitton and some things like a number is missing in the duffle bag. Have you heard anything regarding this company? Thank you for your time.

    • thepursequeen says:

      Hello Susan. It is most likely (as in 99%) a knockoff if it is being shipped from China. You can create a thread at and post pictures and I can take a look to judge the authenticity. I hate it when people sell fakes as real. 🙂

  4. Lynn says:

    I hope this isn’t a duplicate post, as I was getting error messages from my tablet….

    Anyhow, this is SO unfortunate! Thank you for sharing & I’m sorry it was such an expensive loss ;-( ;-( I was just scammed by a Facebook seller “DND O SHOPPING” Please BEWARE! They sent me a BAD replica and it did not match the pics that they sent me. I lost $200, plus I got a bill from customs cause they marked the shipping tag as an AUTHENTIC LV for $1000. Does anyone know if I have any recourse since they did not actually ship an authentic bag?? Customs ended up billing my husband’s FedEx account without us even knowing so we are trying to fight it. I’m sticking to reputable sellers now, this was a lesson for me!

    thanks for sharing and sorry!!

  5. milli says:

    Hi pursequeen, can you please tell me if designer discreet webiste is legit to order LV bag from? thank you in advance 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      Milli, I just received my 1st order from Designer Discreet & I LOVE my bag!!! I contacted Emily through WeChat and she replied every time I contacted her. I did send $ via Money Gram and had no issues. The quality of the bag is Amazing! I ordered the Monogram Neverfull MM with the Cherry lining. I researched lots of sellers before finally deciding to go with them (lots of others recommended them too), a little pricey but I feel it’s worth it 😉

  6. TLM says:

    Hi Purse Queen, have you heard anything about I recently ordered from DD & love my new Neverfull, but I can’t find a DA Delightful MM with the beige lining from them. I stumbled upon 99Starbags but I’m scared to buy & get a bad quality bag. Their reviews on their site are good, but who knows if they can be trusted?! I was surprised they haven’t been shut down yet, as they have a .com address vs .cn? Seems like most get a serving notice sooner or later 🤔

  7. Sophia says:

    Hey, I recently got a gucci maramont bag off an instagram seller. It came in about 10 days, she provided me with tracking and the quality is definitely 1:1. I think you just need to be 100% sure, make sure they already have reviews and their own genuine pictures. I’m very happy that I waited and found the right seller.

  8. Anna says:

    This story makes me so angry!
    So i spammed his instagram and added all his friends who commented his photos, so its even more embarassing for him.
    You’re pictures are posted everywhere as you sell fake bags, keep the money and don’t send the bags! Asshole! 😂 @andikablnt @murat_kiran1

    Please help to spam!

    • Samantha M says:

      Thank you sooooo much. When I tried to do the same he blocked me. Lesson learned. I reported him to Western Union but they didnt sound like they were going to do anything about it. I gave him more than enough time. As soon as I asked for a refund I was instantly blocked on everything.

  9. Mimi says:

    Hello, Everybody after reading this I’m so sorry that happened to you I’ve been buying replicas for about 10 yrs from websites mainly from china but most of them disappear or can’t find them anymore online threw out the years I’ve got good bags and some average even some shoes .. but I found a seller from china on Instagram I took a chance and I love love him .. I have ordered a few thousand dollars worth of bag and other items he even has Gucci sunglasses good quality like the store .for about 2yrs now I’m always bugging him when a new bag comes out … his prices are good and so is the quality my first experience I wasn’t sure but after my first purchase Ive been only buying from him since I talk to him on what’s app .. he sends me pics , I send him the money western union and he send me a picture of the dhl or the ems label and ships my bags he sends the tracking number and I get my things with dhl in 4 days and ems maybe a week.. his responds time is fast and he’s not rude !! I have pics of everything I have if anyone wants to see or I can share his info !!! Again I’m so sorry that man scammed you I have been scam before by a seller online ..

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