Can You Spot Fake Celine Bags? A Guide to Authentic vs. Replica Celine Nano Bags

celine nano fake vs real authentic vs replica

Can you spot the replica bag right off the bat? Or does it take a moment or two for you to see it?

CELINE is definitely one of the hottest handbag brands right now, and I cannot say that the obsession has passed by me personally. This handbag review will compare an authentic Celine nano bag (in the orange) to the replica Celine nano bag in the black.

celine bag tag nano fake vs real authentic vs replica

The interior tags of both handbags. Some nanos (even authentic) have the imprinted tag while some have the tag with the colored labelling. The camera was a bit dark when I was photographing the tag of my replica bag so it is a bit difficult to see but the tag is done exactly the same as the authentic Celine in terms of font size and the “Made in Italy” writing.

celine bag zipper fake vs real authentic vs replica nano

The zippers of both handbags are pictured up close here. The authentic Celine nano had more of a gold colored zipper while the black Celine nano was more a more brassy gold. As you can see the zippers are identical, and if anything the work on the replica handbag’s zipper looks a bit more clean compared to the edges of the authentic orange Celine nano’s zipper edges.

celine nano fake vs real authentic vs replica back of bag

The back of both handbags are shown here and as you can see there is no difference. Both bags are virtually identical when you take a glance at the back with every detailed stitch showing to be well done on both.

celine nano fake vs real authentic vs replica bottom of bag

Under each Celine nano handbag is also virtually identical. There is no difference to note here at all when it comes to real vs. fake.

celine nano fake vs real authentic vs replica handle of bag

The zippers of the Nano bags are also almost identical except for the actual writing of the word CELINE. On the authentic orange CELINE nano you can see the word is written upwards, while on the replica bag the words are written downwards. However font wise and in terms of the general look the bags are both the same. I could not find any other CELINE nano handbags to compare the writing with so I am not sure if the replica latch is completely incorrect or based on a different (older) design of the handles.

celine nano fake vs real authentic vs replica inside of bag

The interior of both of the handbags are pictured here. The authentic handbag has a smooth leather interior while the replica Celine bag has a suede interior. Once again I am not sure if the smooth interior is the standard for all Celine luggage nanos so feel free to comment if you have an authentic nano with a suede/smooth leather interior.

celine nano fake vs real authentic vs replica logo of bag on front

The logo stamp on the front of both nanos (authentic and replica) are identical. The font and sizes are both equivalent as you can see so there is no giveaway here!

celine nano fashionphile

Above you can see pictured the original ad on Fashionphile for the authentic orange Celine nano which I must admit is to die for (I am a CELINE fanatic!). However when you consider the price difference between the used authentic ($2,150 for the used bag) and replica bag ($359 USD) it seems that the replica manufacturers really have this design down to the tee! The key difference that I would note is the handles on the replica bag seem a bit bigger but not enough to really notice in person. I hope this guide is helpful for either a replica buyer looking to buy a copy of the Celine nano handbag (so they know how to purchase a top quality bag) as well as anyone looking to buy an authentic and wanting to make sure they don’t get duped into paying the authentic price tag for a knockoff Celine!  Feel free to comment below and let me know whether you’d go authentic or fake for this Celine nano bag!

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52 thoughts on “Can You Spot Fake Celine Bags? A Guide to Authentic vs. Replica Celine Nano Bags

  1. Lilly says:

    omg can’t believe they are that similar! I have an authentic nano with a suede interior btw but am so shocked the replica bag is that good

  2. Dakota says:

    Can you please let me know which website you bought this bag from?! Looking to purchase a phantom and want the best possible!!

  3. susanK says:

    Please stop using the term “replica”. Its a FAKE, a FORGERY, and ILLEGAL.

    Best way to tell a real from fake is the woman carrying it – not the bag itself. I never buy fakes.

  4. Eleana says:

    Hi Angie,

    I’d like to order a Celine nano replica and I checked, but unfortunately there were no products under the Celine category. Is there any other site as reliable as counterlux, that I could buy it from? I have checked, since I am in Europe, but I haven’t ever ordered anything from this site, so I’m not sure. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you in advance.



    P.S of course an international site will work just fine for me! Thank’s again

  5. Jazzy55 says:

    Celine does sell bags with suede interior. This is false information. Probably should have contacted Celine or Bergdorfs before writing this article.

  6. Sue Love says:

    I have a Celine bag but I’m not sure if it’s real or not ,it’s an older bag but in excellent condition. It has the tag inside ,but all it says is CELINE ,I got it used from a resale shop about 1o years ago ,

  7. Lola says:

    Hey PurseQueen, very helpful article. Could you tell me where you got this rep from? I’m dying to get one but afraid of getting ripped off!

    Thanks 😀

  8. Paulina says:

    Can somebody authenticate this bag? I was going to buy it, but wasn’t sure if it was authentic due to the price and that the owner claimed to leave the bag in the dust bag for a year…? Also the Celine logo in the first picture looked not right to me… But then in the sixth picture it looked real. Wasn’t sure but what do you think?

  9. Michelle says:

    So the difference in the stamp I can see is that one is embossed and the other isn’t. Not all authentic black Celine’s are imprinted with gold lettering either but are embossed.
    The fake colouring of the brass is a giveaway to me as well and I wonder over time what would happen to the patina.
    Last but not least I heard and read about replica bags supporting illegal activities like child prostitution and other situations. That was my reason to take time and save up for the real thing. I have a young daughter and it made me sick to my stomach in what I was told.

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